Westside Baptist MISSIONS

To bring the hope of Christ to all people

Our Heart for Missions

Westside’s Mission is to bring the hope of Christ to all people.  Our vision is to see community transformation in the lives of our neighbors and the nations living across the globe.


When Jesus said to, “go and make disciples of all nations…” (The Great Commission, Matt. 28:19-20) He wasn’t just talking to the “super” Christians; He was talking to every believer.  We believe God has uniquely gifted each believer with gifts and talents to use to advance His Kingdom and join in His mission.


Westside Missions exists to encourage, train and equip believers to go and make disciples. So how has God gifted you?  We’d love to help you find a place of ministry where you can use your gift to serve others and share the Gospel.


Missions Office - (352) 333-7700

Brittney Ranard, Missions Ministry Assistant, branard@westsidebaptist.org